Legislation 2019

Please follow the links to learn more about our bills. The easiest thing you can do to support our work is to
1) Call the Governors office first. 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831. 2) Call legislators and ask them to support and co-sponsor our bills.  If you hear from your legislator that they do indeed want to support our bills, we will follow up with them when we head back to Springfield.

We will also update this page with call to action as hearings are scheduled. HB 282 is currently pending a hearing March 12. A group of us will be heading up to the hearing for the Transparency bill and we will be lobbying for support and co-sponsors on the other bills as well. If you would like to lobby with us please get in touch with us saveILwater@gmail.com 872-201-8525.
If HB282 is called for a vote at the hearing, we need you to slip support for the bill via Witness Slipbefore the hearing. Fill out your personal information, your organization and click on “Proponent” and then “Record of Appearance” and then click “Create Slip.” It’s simple and will help tremendously.

The Coalition continues to fight to keep all fossil fuels in the ground in order to meet IPCC climate goals of becoming carbon neutral before 2030. We also advocate for an equitable transition for all trades and communities impacted by energy extraction. We will continue to hold our elected officials and government accountable for protecting our right to a healthy environment as our IL Constitution states under Article XI.

Southern IL- Typical oil field tank collection site in an unlined berm that overflows with heavy precipitation events into nearby creeks and waterways.